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SAMPLE SALE Fabric Animal Wall Hangings

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I’ve been testing different colourways on fabric reading for final production so I’m selling the test banners at a discounted price. Some of the colours will not make the final print run so it’s your chance to purchase a one off design!

All banners are 66x47cm and will not come with the hanger (currently sold out) but you can attach the banners to the wall using command Velcro strips.

The natural cotton banners are made from organic natural Panama cotton (same as my other wall hangings) and the white banner is made from 100% cotton linen.

The banners are hemmed and finished and there are no defects, I am just tweaking some of the colours for the final versions.

There is only one design of each colour so you’ll need to check out quickly.

Photo 1: Muted pink on natural cotton

Photo 2: Stone on natural cotton

Photo 3: Sage with Blue background on natural cotton

Photo 4: Sage on white linen

If you do want to come back and purchase additional items then use COMBINE22 at checkout to combine shipping for your orders.