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Value Wall Sticker Sheets - Christmas Snowflakes - Large

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Inside a standard pack you will receive 1 A4 sheet with your chosen style of wall stickers. Please specify which colour you'd like in the colour option box. You are only able to choose colours from the swatch lists and you can only choose one colour per sheet.

Choose from the following styles:

Snowflakes large - each snowflake is approx 9-10cm

 (photographed white)

 Made from premium removable vinyl. Can be used on windows and doors too!


Clean the surface with a lint free cloth.

Carefully peel the sticker from the backing sheet.

Place sticker on your chosen surface and press down firmly, smoothing any bumps with your fingers.

To remove, gently peel off the wall taking care not to rip the stickers
- using a hairdryer to warm the vinyl up can help! Keep the backing paper so you are able to reuse the stickers.

Please note - do not use the stickers on freshly painted surfaces. Allow up to two weeks for the paint to cure.
Although these stickers are removable, if you are concerned about wall damage, please test on a small area first to check your walls are suitable.