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Wooden hanger for Little M wall hangings

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This is a listing for my wooden top hangers if you’ve previously purchased one of my wall hangings without a hanger. You can choose from the 500mm wide hanger which holds my portrait hangings or the 700mm which holds my landscape wall hangings. These were made especially to fit my wall hangings so I cannot guarantee they would work with other brands. Product specifications - - The wooden hanger for my fabric banners come just as the top hanger as shown. - They come ready to hang on natural cotton cord and strong magnets keep the fabric in place. - IMPORTANT Due to the thickness of the hem on the banner, when hanging you will need to attach the magnets underneath the hem so the hanger will hold the fabric in place. If you try to attach the hanger where the hem is the magnets will not hold. See the close up photo for more details. This will mean the banner overhangs slightly at the top. The hangers are hand made in the UK by a fellow small business and not mass produced. Each hanger is made by hand from cutting the hanger to size, sanding the wood and adding the magnets and cord. The hangers are made from European Birch Plywood which is FSC certified. Each one is unique due to the nature and pattern of the Plywood.